The Color Wheel for Syria

The Color Wheel for Syria

On the week of the 19th January 2016, myself and a group of friends residing in Dubai, Jeddah and London embarked upon a truly magical week at Malaak's academic centre in Northern Lebanon. It was to be a truly life changing experience which left us all highly emotional, hugely proud and hungry to do more to help this wonderful organisation in it's pursuit to better the lives of so many kids from the camps.

Prior to the trip, we raised $40,000 in donations from friends/family and football gear/equipment from 3 very generous football clubs: Arsenal, Everton and Manchester United. The money raised was used to set up a fully equipped art room, sewing room and pottery space. The thinking here was to provide the kids' with a fun activity and a useful skill that could potentially be used vocationally in the future.

Furthermore, we decided to paint all the walls of the 8 existing structures white (previously brown) and drew the silhouette of every child and teacher within the school on those walls. It proved to be incredibly good fun for all involved, especially the kids' who were all so happy and proud of their individual silhouettes. In the space of a week, we managed to transform the look of the whole place into a lighter, brighter and happier environment to be in. The kids certainly approved!

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